How It Works

Sell Locally

Local House allows you to sell your products to local consumers and provides same day or next day delivery. We invest thousands of dollars monthly to target local buyers and market your products directly to them. This includes an ongoing robust social media campaign, online advertising, billboards, bus ads, and more!

You get your own digital storefront and full online payment system. A Local House representative will help you with the initial store set up and show you how to add and maintain your inventory.

Local House Fees

Merchant Fee: 5% per transaction.

Processing Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 cents per transaction.

We realize that our platform will only succeed if our merchant partners succeed. Therefore, we are committed to a multi-faceted marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website to make YOU more sales.

Delivery Details

$3.50 fee per delivery to the merchant and $3.50 charged to the consumer. On any order under $25.00, the full $7.00 delivery fee is charged to the consumer.

You can offer free delivery for the consumer and pay the full $7.00 delivery charge to Local House at a certain purchase amount.

You will receive a notification as soon as an order is placed so that you can get it ready for pick-up by one of our delivery drivers. Drivers are dispatched at 2:00pm daily to pick up your products and get them to your customers! Customers will also have the option to choose “pick up in store” at checkout, in that case you will get a sales notification like normal and need to have their items ready for pickup by 2:00pm that day if the order is made before noon, or 2:00pm the following day if the order is made after noon.

FAQs for Businesses

By joining Local House you still stand out as a locally owned and operated business in a mall setting, leading to additional views of your store and products. Local House is meant to be complimentary as opposed to competitive to your existing E-commerce set up. Additionally, we are spending a large amount of money on advertising challenging the general public to support local, and drive traffic to our site and YOUR store, leading to more sales for YOU!.
We charge a commission of 5% on each transaction. Since we act as the payment processor we also charge 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction which is a strict cost recovery for the fees that we are charged through Stripe. Lastly, delivery fees are split 50/50 between the customer and the merchant, meaning you will be charged $3.50 per delivery.
No! You can list as many, or as few products as you’d like on Local House. There is no charge for additional items.
You will need to manually track your inventory. We realize this can be a tedious process, but there is currently no way to have an inventory solution that matches with every individual merchants point of sale system. We recommend updating your point of sale system each time an item sells, and if an item becomes out of stock in store there is an easy process to mark the item as being sold out on your merchant portal on
No. The closest we will have to ads is our “Feature Merchant of the Week” which highlights a merchant that is already on the Local House platform, including YOU! Each week we will rotate amongst active vendors on Local House to shine a spotlight on your business at the top of the products page. We will not have 3rd party ads on the website.
Currently we are only offering delivery inside Saskatoon and Regina. We have plans to expand in the future to work with Canada Post to offer shipping to addresses outside of the cities, however there will be different shipping amounts charged to customers for this service.
Local House will contract drivers similar to Skip the Dishes to take care of order pick ups and deliveries. You will get a notification as soon as an order comes in and our drivers are dispatched at 2:00pm daily to pick up goods from the stores, and then delivered to the customers.
Shopping Local has never been so easy, or so quick! With Local House if you place an order before 12:00 noon your order will be delivered the same day (Monday to Friday, provided the store you are ordering from is open)! If your order is placed after 12:00 noon your order will go out for delivery the following day. Our drivers are dispatched at 2:00pm every day to pick up all customer orders, and then will drop your orders off at your front door, or in compliance with special delivery instructions you provide us at checkout.

Have more questions? Check out our general FAQs!